So, I want to post some of my own work before I make too many posts about other things. Since my first book review was The Natural Knitter, I will show some craft-based work first.
I find that I mostly knit because I want to like it, more than because I find it relaxing, soothing or meditative – any of those things many knitters say about their work. Unless it is complicated I lose interest pretty quickly. That is one why I like Fair Isle. I have to be present to do it. Probably as a result of all this, I don’t have many photos of my knitting.

These mittens were originally designed by Anna Zilboorg for The Natural Knitter, but I changed the cuff considerably. I am using a silk/wool blend on size 4 double pointed needles (size 2 for the ribbing). The ruffle on the cuff is crocheted.

For some reason I am having trouble getting this to show a larger image. I made this for a friend last winter using three colors of merino wool on size 8 needles (7 for the ribbing).