While I was traveling in Europe last winter, I took pictures of a lot of great graffiti. I think the best tags were in Barcelona and Marseille. I noticed that in Marseille (which is a pretty rough city to begin with) there was definately a close relationship between how seedy the area was and how good the graffiti was. That wasn’t as true in Barcelona. But, while in Barcelona I saw a tag by an artist I had noticed in a book a few months earlier. My camera was out of batteries, but my heart wasn’t broken, considering that the artist’s style isn’t really my taste. Later that day I was looking through a book called Graffiti Mujer (Woman Graffiti Artists, in English, I think) and I saw the artist mentioned again.I took all of the pictures below. The top two were in Barcelona, Spain and the other three were in France: middle left, Apt; bottom left, Marseille; and bottom right, Paris.