Every year around the holidays, my mother and I make gingerbread. Sometimes we make houses, but this year we made cookies. Hers were all gorgeous, but I decided to make cookies that were  mostly more expressive than pretty. (I am incuding pictures of some of the pretty ones too). Below are some of mine, with notes from the back stories I made up for them.)


(Siamese twins are not exempt from the unwanted knit sweaters that they have to smile in for holiday pictures…)


(A herd of Central Asian camels – two humps – with handmade felt blankets in the colors of their owners…)


(A happy little boy on Christmas morning…)


(A queen and a sultan…)


(Some chickens in a style similar to that of the chickens of a pictcher and some mugs that my mother and grandmother have from Italy… in colors that are more Provancale than Italian…)

Other cookies included the possible older brother (flexing) and sister (doing ballet) of the little boy, as well as a grandfatherly man with a hunch, some trees and horses to match the camels.