I’m not sure how I found out about artist Keri Smith, but I’m glad I did. Smith is an illustrator and author who has published a few ineteractive art books (Wreck this Journal is one of hers). Her illustration and collage work remind me in some ways of Camilla Engman (who I think is also great). What I think I enjoy the most of all, though, is the pdfs she has on her homepage. Being someone who is often working on a number of creative endeavors at once and (like many artists, I think) sometimes feels frustrated and stuck, her projects – such as 100 Ideas and The Artist’s Survival Kit are great for giving me a little perspective, and potentially some help. (I especially like the “card” in The Artist’s Survival Kit that advises getting out the classifieds section of a newspaper when you feel like quitting, circling the number of jobs that would fulfill you and then counting them). In 100 Ideas, one idea is to write a letter to someone you admire. I am seriously considering writing to her.