At the beginning of the year I decided that I needed to make time in my life for keeping up with current events. Since sometime in January I have tried to read the news every day. Usually my circuit includes BBC and New York Times online and often Design Sponge but occasionally there are other sources (usually linked from one of the others). I have also been visiting the library more to take advantage of their extensive collection of contemporary art magazines.

One of the things I have found is that the New York Times does a pretty good job of covering fashion. I like their slide shows and I just read and article covering the most recent couture menswear. ( Although I don’t generally gear my work towards fashion, I am usually interested to see what comes out on the runways. After seeing Li Edelkoort’s ‘Winter 2008’ trend forecasting show in Paris last year, it is facinating to see how trends are interpreted by the designers.

While reading/ viewing the menswear article I began to write down some of the trends that kept coming up. There is a shade of orangey brown that is pretty prevalant, which is too bad. It reminds me of an old couch from the 70s. Red and gray are still going strong (surprise, surprise). Geek chic and teenage rebellion are also still around, which seems a little surprising to me, for some reason. (Maybe because Weezer isnt as popular as they used to be). The 1930/40s are back too. Interestingly, I saw this not only in the photos of the menswear but also in the pictures of fashionable New Yorkers out during Easter. That aesthetic is coming through in hats and coats, especially. Designers are tailoring things very nicely to the natural waist. I think these years were also influencing the short pants, though.  There were a lot of knits with color patterns. These seemed a little dated to me, but the 80s are coming back, whether I like it or not (for proof:

Some things which were interesting to see carried over into mens fashion were big scarves and lots of layers. Men in Europe seem to wear (interesting) scarves more than American men, so that isn’t exactly original, but I still thought it was nice. The layers were a bit different, though, because layers in womens clothing have been unavoidable for years now, but that trend hadn’t seemed to have hit men’s fashions yet.

Designers whose work I personally liked were Gucci, Obedient Sons and Robert Geller (below). (I wasnt quite sure what was going on with Emmanuel Ungaro’s Jesus and woman in drag…)


Anyway, take a look, if nothing else, its interesting.