It’s been too long and I’d like to get back into this.

I am able to add images again! I don’t know what was up before. I changed things around a little bit, too.

So, I guess I’ll give a little update. I graduated college and moved to North Carolina where I am working in an art gallery/ antiques store/ paper and gifts boutique. (People always ask me what type of a store it is an I never really have a better answer for them than that. We’re outside the box, I guess). We sell mostly hand made things, which is part of what drew me to the store. The things that aren’t handmade are still really different and unique which makes it especially fun to get new orders in. This is a window display I created/ arranged.

Before school ended I was part of a couple of different art shows there. One was an employee show at my job (I contributed some older embroideries) and another was with the senior show for my major. That one especially was fantastic. Everyone’s work looked amazing and we had a great turn out. I think we were all really proud of each other. (I know I was proud of them). Some of my pieces, installed, below.

Since moving to NC, I have shown some (new!) embroideries in one of the Second Friday gallery hops. The pieces are small and were hung unfortunately high, but got good reviews overall. These are them:

In terms of art I’ve been paying attention to, I was really impressed by an article I read in the New York Times about Swoon’s most recent project, “Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea.” To read the article, cut and paste this:

I also became hopelessly (and embarrassingly) obsessed with Project Runway. I had always heard it was cool, but not having TV, never sought it out. (Also, I tend to hate that I get sucked in by reality TV). After watching an episode on the internet, I ended up at the video store renting it and within a week had watched an entire season. I justify it with the argument that what the designers make is really interesting and innovative, and that there is way less drama than most of the other reality shows. I say that because I knew almost nothing about the designers’ back-stories until the second to last episode when they focused on them to extend the run time.