I realized that I didnt actually give any explanations for the work I showed in the last post. So I’ll start with the circus window.

After becoming inspired by some antique photos of circus fat ladies and a tattooed man doll, I thought a circus would be the perfect thing to put in the store’s window. Armed with reference/ inspiration photos (below) and Beirut as my theme music, I started sketching and collecting items in the store. I sewed and draped the “tent” facade and hung the lights so that the converged over the doorway, as though they were actually attached to the center pole of a circus tent. My idea was to make customers feel (however temporarily) like they would be entering the tent rather than a store. On the right side (shown below) I hung painted armature models from string and pen trapezes over the three “rings” where horsemen and wild beasts were performing. A gorgeous antique Hungarian armoire formed the perfect backdrop. The other side (not shown) held the side show. There were the tattooed man and lady (dolls) with a giant stack of childrens’ play suitcases. The fat lady was there, perched on a chair. So were the strong men – antique salt and pepper shakers shaped like men doing push-ups pulling an antique toy steam engine.