…Or, maybe more appropriately, “How My Life Has Been Consumed by Project Runway.”

First, a(nother) word about Project Runway. I am still a little embarrassed to admit it, but I LOVE this show. I’m always interested, if not always impressed, by what people are able to create in such a short amount of time with the prompts they get. Being creative on command can be really challenging. Matt and I go out to a local bar that has Project Runway on Wednesday nights like other bars have sports games. People -guys as well as girls- cheer and boo and shout… its great!

As many of you know, I have a background in sewing and garment construction, albeit a largely untrained background. For those who dont know, I learned to sew when I was about 4, by hand. I think I might have learned machine sewing while I was still in elementary school. Mostly it was just fooling around or making little pillows and sweaters for my teddy bear… By middle school I was making Halloween costumes. In high school I decided I wanted to be a costume designer. I was still into is after doing costumes for a few high school and community productions… until I (almost) single-handedly costumed a community production with  cast of 40, many of whom had changes, in less than a month, while still attending high school. Most of the costumes needed to be altered if not completely constructed. (Luckily it made sense to have a lot of robes.) Even still, that kind of killed it for me. But I still like to sew! Which is probably why I studied fabric instead of fashion.

SO – getting to the point- after a few episodes of Project Runway last weekend, I decided, “I can do that!” Meaning pattern draping/ drafting. Nothing I had done before was too fitted, but I had been paying attention to how the designers used fabric tapes on the dress forms to drape and draft the muslins for their garments. I sketched out a really basic pencil skirt. I didn’t want to be too ambitious for the first time, knowing that I would have to pin it all on myself. After all, I don’t have a dress form.  After about an hour, I walked into the studio to show Matt my new (muslin) pencil skirt. It fits like a glove. Now I just need some real fabric to make it into my new favorite skirt. I can’t wait!