One of the newspapers I started reading in January in my quest to know about current events is the New York Times. One of the (many) reasons I think they are so great is because they consistently have articles about woman artists. After taking a class on women in western art last winter, I realized how completely underrepresented  women are in the history books (and how many had been left out of my regular western art classes.) A great place for representation to start is in contemporary criticism, right? Right. So that’s why I am always so psyched to read about artists I already love or find out about new ones. And don’t get me wrong, I read about male artists too, but the articles which made the biggest impressions on me lately have all been about women. 

For example, I loved the one a few days ago about Catherine Opie’s show at the Guggenheim. I knew Opie’s work from a teeny tiny section in my women in art book (that we didn’t go over in class) as well as from the opening sequence of the L Word, but I didnt know much about it, or about her. The article and slide show ( were a good introduction. I wanted to include an image, but all the photos I found online (outside of the Times slide show – and I didn’t want to spoil that) were disappointingly small. 

Then there was the day about a month back when they featured Louise Borgeois (above), a really interesting Dutch artist whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, as well as the emergence of a strong group of artists in China who are exploring many of the same questions as the Feminists did in America, but through their own unique cultural lens (below). 

What a great time to be a woman in the arts.