Since finding out about my acceptance to the VAE, I have been logging a lot of time in the studio. And I have made A LOT of progress – lots of new pieces in ongoing series, a few tangents, reviving old projects, lots of podcast listening, etc. Which makes me wonder how much I would have to show if I had done this all year (rather than taking my studio 100% for granted for weeks at a time by only venturing into it after the cat…) It isn’t exactly a fair comparison, since my batteries badly needed recharging and I had a full time job, but now that nothing is weighing on me, I am going to continue enjoying the luxury to work all day in my studio, completely wrapped up in my own little world. (Because it sure isn’t going to last forever.)

Anyway, I’d like to share a couple of new pieces from Thought Cloud. These are from the envelope entitled “drawings and symbols” which includes punctuation and numbers.*


Sorry for the quality of the photo. It’s drizzly and dark today. Hopefully you can get the gist…

*I copy, cut, sort, file, sort again, arrange, and glue these pieces together. Envelopes factor in around step three.