So, because I haven’t actually made this thing yet, I am just going to tell you my plans. I am excited: I keep finding shards of blue patterned ceramics (cups, bowls and plates, I suppose) in the gardens I am working in, and today I found most of a bowl. One chunk is mussing out of the side, but there is enough left to see the full blue floral sweetly decorating its curvature. When I found it, I wasn’t sure whether or not to keep it – all of my other pot sherds have fallen out of my pocket and been reclaimed by their respective gardens. But, as I was carrying this bowl to the work truck along with some other bits of trash, I realized that it kind of went with them… A little old wooden shingle and approximately 10-12 inches of what looks like the plastic that keeps together staple gun staples. I had a few other miscellaneous items, as well, but the worn shingle, the lacy-looking plastic and the bowl just fit together. So I kept them, and I am going to make an assemblage. (I would have called it a drawing in our senior studio classes…) They clattered in my bike basket the whole way home.