Oh my, it has been a LONG time since I last wrote. I have been considering switching up the way I do this blogging thing… as part of this plan, I will write more regularly. So, don’t lose your faith in me yet.

Today I read a post on Design*Sponge’s guest blog by Amy Borrell about a project called Mysterious Letters that made me really excited. Two artists, Lenka Clayton and Michael Crowe, sent handwritten letters to almost every person living in the small Northern Irish town of Cushendall. The letters are varied in subject and aesthetic, and many of them are quite beautiful. Some of the recipients were, understandably, baffled to receive letters from people they had never met. A news report on the project (which you will find via the link above) shows short interviews that are almost as interesting as the letters themselves (but not quite).


There is just something irresistibly sweet and playful about the act of handwriting a letter to a stranger. Read through their blog to see more of the letters. (As an aside, Michael’s handwriting looks very much like mine in certain letters).


Additionally, Lenka Clayton makes short films that are equally anonymous, mysterious and endearing. You can view them here and here.