The other day I was looking at my book shelves and realized that while I have a handful of books about Asian art, I really haven’t read any of them. Sadly, I have mostly just looked at the pictures. I didn’t take any classes about Asian art while I was in school, either, meaning that I have a lot to learn. So, I picked up a small text that was given to me by a friend last year and began to read. The book is called simply, Japanese Art. It was written by Joan Stanley Baker, and thus far, seems to be a very biased source, extolling the virtues of Japanese art. Although I know that it must be more objective later in the book, the introduction is a lengthy chapter on why Japanese art is great. Better than Chinese or Korean art, for example. In spite of this, I plan to keep reading.

japanese art

I learned a little bit about Japanese aesthetics in an architectural history course. In that context, I enjoyed the sense of peace and balance that seemed to be so carefully crafted into everything. I am interested to learn about how that aesthetic is carried through in other art forms.