Hello all,

I am back in the South, and like I promised, I am beginning a new format. And, I’m excited about it! The plan is to have this inspire and motivate me, while giving the blog a stronger sense of organization.  I am including it in text here, but it can also be found above as “Days o’ the Week.”

Also, I will be going back through my archives and re-classifying things with the new titles to make things cohesive. That process will probably not be immediate, though, so please bear with me.

Inspiration Mondays – Getting the week started right with a touch of inspiration. Including Look at This! (beautiful &/or interesting), Art Scene (artists I’m paying attention to) and Reading List (books/ written media that inspire. About art or not.)

Drawing Tuesdays – Exercising that precious hand-eye coordination. For anyone who knew me through senior year of school, I should specify that these are to be actual drawings. The (usually) 2-d media kind. The subjects will vary, but be sorted into People, Places, Things and Ideas.

“Drawing” Wednesdays – This is where the other kind of drawings will be represented. The kind that are in any media, take any form, and are usually more of play/ art experiments than drawings. Look for Photo Sketches, Compositions (small sketch book collages), Automatic (making it up as I go), Process (it’s all about exploring the process) and Etc. (those which are not easily classifiable). *because I was unable to create a category with quotations, these posts will be tagged as “Experiment-Drawings.”

Gallery Ready Thursdays – Keeping myself on track and you up to date on finished works (in progress). Home of Complete (finished projects), Workin’ on It (in progress) and Four Corners (documenting my upcoming self-education on framing).

Delicious Fridays – Welcome to my kitchen. It occurred to me that incorporating my cooking and baking (currently housed at collectivekitchen.wordpress.com) into this blog seemed much more manageable. Here we’ll have Test Kitchen (other people’s recipes that I am trying for the first time), Tried & True (favorite recipes & cookbooks), IncrEDIBLE! (my own recipes) and Speaking of Food… (interesting tidbits on the subject.)