I still need to get back into the swing of making finished pieces and I figured that there was no better place to start than getting my studio space in order. Matt and I share a studio here in our house. I never forget how lucky we are to be able to have it. While his side is generally pretty neat (digital art is not messy) my side likes to develop into what I call “creative sprawl.” This is the city sprawl of your creative projects in a space. What begins on one side of the desk creeps over to the other side, jumps to the floor and spreads like wild-fire until most surfaces are covered in scraps, works in progress, works you decided not to progress, things that might be finished and all of the materials of your trade.

Since I just abandoned the loveliest cake box, I had to tackle some sprawl. Because, although my process often creeps, I like to start fresh. And today I am starting to weave a blanket.  (More on that later.) So I picked up, sorted, put away, swept and even dusted my space and now I am ready to begin.