One of my best friends is having a baby very soon and I am going to weave a blanket for them.

I will do a full post on it next week, which will be part 2. I had planned to post today about dressing a loom* for weaving, but I didn’t actually get that far. I needed to put more heddles on the loom, which meant partially dismantling it and putting it back together again. After that, I double checked all of my plans -especially my math- because I really want the project to turn out well and with the minimum amount of waste. Everything was A-okay. Then, I went to clamp my warping board to my desk and the clamps were MIA. This led me into town on a search for C clamps. Ultimately I was successful, meaning that I can begin tomorrow! Sadly, it has been a very long time since I have woven anything, so I’m excited to start. As of now, the race is on to see if my friend will see her baby or the blanket first. I’m a quick weaver, so who knows?

*don’t you love this totally 90’s photo?!