These are exhibits in a few local museums that I am planning to go see. The text is taken from the museums’ websites.

Picasso and the Allure of Language: [an] exhibition examining Pablo Picasso’s lifelong relationship with writers and the many ways in which language affected his work. (Nasher Museum of Art)

Africa and Picasso: A small exhibition drawn from the museum’s permanent collection and inspired by Picasso’s own collection of African art. (Nasher Museum of Art)

Andy Warhol Polaroids: Most of Warhol’s Polaroids were never formally exhibited during his lifetime, but nearly 300 Polaroids and 100 gelatin silver black-and-white prints, taken by Andy Warhol from 1969 to 1986, will be on display. (Coming soon to the Nasher Museum of Art)

warhol1(Andy Warhol Polaroid of Grace Jones, photo from Nasher Museum of Art. There’s that black and gold again.)

Craft, Training, and Production in the Early Modern Artist’s Studio: [This exhibition] will include works that represent artist’s working methods, emphasizing training, preparation, and composition. Works of art from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century will be paired with Early Modern art-critical texts… in order to engage the viewer not only in looking, but also in considering the ways in which these works function. (Ackland Art Museum)

The Guardian and the Avant-Garde : Seymour Lipton’s Sentinel II in Context: Sentinel II was sculpted in 1959, by the artist at the height of his career, showing a full mastery of form and content. (Ackland Art Museum)