Our things have always been a little bit of a jumble, here in our apartment. As aesthetic and resourceful people we always have the nagging feeling (encouraged by design blogs) that it could look better. And this is true. We are both artists and we’d like our living space to reflect it in a way that Wal-Mart’s particle board furniture just cannot do. After a trip to Ikea this past weekend, Matt and I are doing a couple of projects to make our house a little nicer. I admit, there is still some particle board, but some major improvements are on the way.

These are some images that I have been thinking about during this process:

sunlight diptych

I took these photographs last week during two breaks in the rain. Together I think they read like the visualization of a dream.




I can’t remember where I got these photos from, but they have all been in my inspiration folder for a long time. Every time I see them I still think about how pretty they are. I try not to post pictures that aren’t mine that I can’t credit, but these are all so lovely that I couldn’t resist. (If you happen to know anything about them, please tell me and I will happily credit them.)

ashley g


These two come from Ashley Goldberg. I really love her work, as a whole. Check out her Etsy shop here.


These Kitchen-Aid mixers came from this sneak-peek on Design*Sponge a while back.
karin eriksson
Karin Eriksson‘s ceramics always look like the most pleasing balance between design and natural forms. You can find these bowls here.