I forgot to post about this yesterday, but last week I went up to the Ackland to check out a few of those exhibitions I mentioned.

The Seymour Lipton one is not up yet, but I saw the one about the early modern artist’s studio. Unfortunately, I wandered into it after about 3 hours of walking around the museum, so my interest in it was not what it could have been. I plan to go back this week to explore the rest of the museum.  (I never even made it to the second floor.) I’ll have to reexamine the early modern artists then.

One of the highlights of my afternoon at the Ackland was a very cool show of 60’s and 70’s era Cuban cinema posters called Almost Now. I wasn’t familiar with the work or the artists, except for one extremely iconic print of Che Guevara. It was interesting to see how, in certain ways, the posters were stylistically similar to American art at the time, despite the conflict between Cuba and the US. As they were largely propaganda films, it is also interesting to see the Soviet Union’s visual influence.

This print, especially, was really beautiful and interesting.


(Rene Portocarrero, for the film Soy Cuba)

Although I also saw an excellent exhibition called Reinventing the Figure as well as some older European art, most of my time in the museum was spent looking at their South and East Asian collections. There are so many great motifs and patterns in there. I copied my favorites into my sketchbook, and you will see them later today.