Well, I am sorry to say that it was a bust. My yogurt never thickened. I’m not sure exactly where I went wrong. It probably has something to do with having the temperatures off, either in the incubation phase (keeping it at 108-112 F for 4-6 hours) or before that on the stove (heating it to 180 F, then cooling it to 108-112). I was approximating things by the way they felt, relative to the temperature of my hands. Usually this works, but I guess yogurt is a little more sensitive.

Not all experiments (in the kitchen, studio or otherwise) turn out successfully, but at least I can learn something from it. For example, invest in a kitchen thermometer.

In the meantime, I’m not really sure what to do with my cultured milk. I hate to waste it, but it doesn’t seem very practical to keep cultured, strawberry flavored milk around.

Despite all that, I will leave you with some photographs of a lovely glass jar and bottle. The bottle is from my milk and the mason jar is the same kind I put my yogurt into. It came from my mom. She was recently getting rid of a bunch of old beauties, complete with the glass lids and metal bails which I was only too happy to snatch up.