This morning I am making yogurt. I did the first part already and now it is in the “incubation” phase. I like making things from scratch and I like experimenting in the kitchen. So naturally, yogurt seemed like a logical thing to try. People have been making yogurt for thousands of years, right? I’m sure I can do it.

Although you can make yogurt beginning with a few scoops of the commercial stuff (providing it contains active cultures) I decided to use a powdered yogurt culture from my local health food store. It seemed like beginning with a commercial starter might yield more dependable results the first time. That said, I made half of my batch plain, according to the package’s directions. The other half is strawberry, on a whim.

I will post an update later, once the incubation is finished and I can try some and photograph my results. But for now, this is what I did:

[I took down the recipe because it didn’t work out this time.]