This week, I read Truman Capote’s novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I know that for a lot of girls/ women, the movie (and Audrey Hepburn in general) is tremendously iconic. For me it isn’t, so when I saw the book, I decided to pick it up and see what all the fuss was about. Having never seen the movie, the character of Holly Golightly was really different from what I expected. Based on those few iconic images of Audrey Hepburn looking glamorous and classy (below), I had expected the story to be more like Roman Holiday, which is basically a romantic comedy. Instead, I found Holly to be rebellious, difficult and rough around the edges. She smoked, drank and slept around. She flirted with crime. All in all, she was a lot more troubled and interesting than I had anticipated.


She was also described to look pretty different from Audrey Hepburn. I am interested to finally watch the movie and to make a comparison. I know I’ll have to keep in mind that films often deviate from their literary counterparts.* The Holly of the movie (who I can appreciate as a 60’s style icon) will probably be a different Holly from the one in the book.

*this fact tends to make me really worked up. Free adaption drives me crazy (just change the name!) and there are a lot of films I wont see because I like the books so much.