Every time Lines and Shapes arrives in the mail it makes my day. This little book is so full of beautiful images and inspiration that I am practically sighing each time I turn the page. (All images from linesandshapesconnectus.com)



The way it works is that each volume in the artists series has a different starting prompt which a handful of different artists respond to. Both the prompt and the artists are selected by the editors/ artists/ masterminds behind the project Maria Vettese and Lena Corwin. Each “jumping off point” (as they call them) is a word (such as blur) with a definition. The artists who respond to them are often varied in  their focuses and do not communicate with each other during the process, making the results fascinating.



During the spring, when I was unemployed, I had sadly decided not to renew my subscription. Although I knew it was a responsible financial decision (deciding to save money for needs rather than wants) I thought about the books a lot. So, the other day, after a summer of working hard and saving my money, I decided to resubscribe. When this year’s books (Break, Thread and Grow) arrived a few days later I planted myself on the couch and pored over them, happy as a clam.