This morning I woke up and it was so chilly in my bedroom that I just wanted to stay snuggled up under the covers. That, and a promise to my friend Chelle to make some fingerless gloves/ mittens got me thinking about things that make me feel warm. October days in North Carolina are still are still warm by most peoples’ standards, but the nights are cold (frost warning tonight!) and I chill easily. This post is in the spirit of keeping warm with textiles over the next few months.

To begin with, I have loved scarves for as long as I can remember. Here are some cozy looking ones from Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic (in that order).

gap scarf

old navy scarf 2

banana republic scarf 2

Wool socks like these from Toast would keep any lucky foot warm.

toast socks

Hot water bottles. This knit cover with robots by Sara Carr is really cool. I also love the polka dotted one below it, by Catherine Tough.

saracarr etsy

catherinetough water bottle

This wool makes me feel warm just looking at it. It was so unbelievably soft.

1 002

My friend/ weaving teacher Karin’s blankets. Whenever I go into her studio or her store, Island Weaves, I cant resist touching everything. (Below is her handwoven silk, angora and wool throw).

karin blanket

And these blankets.


Vik Prjonsdottir has some interesting blanket designs. Based on the designers’ Icelandic heritage (including folk tales), they’re made of Icelandic wool and look really warm. However, while the fabric of the seal pelt (above) is gorgeous, and makes me kind of want it, I can’t imagine stumbling around my house in this while still needing to wear a sweater underneath and not being able to utilize the arm flippers as sleeves. The twosome blanket (below) is probably more practical, although I don’t like the fabric as much. In defense of its resemblance to a Snuggie, I think the main detractor of the Snuggie is the ugly, cheap fabric, and the twosome blanket resolves that. Seriously, tell me you wouldn’t love to watch a movie snuggled under this thing.twosomeblanket_large