I love small notebooks. I like being able to keep one in my pocket and jot things down as I think of them. Book titles and authors, recommended places to go and ideas for new projects all end up in these little books of mine. I like them the best when they’re pretty.


I made a bunch of (eight) small blank notebooks that have cloth covered covers. I used some recycled materials, including the paper for the pages and repurposed pressed cardboard packaging, like spaghetti boxes. The branding is covered up by pretty cotton quilting fabrics. All of the books have 20 pages (if you count both sides of each, the number is 40), 14 (28) of which are blank and 6 (12) of which are graph paper. I love graph paper too. Each notebook is bound with waxed linen thread using the pamphlet stitch.


Go right here if you would like one for yourself.