I mentioned Martin Usborne briefly in my last post, but I want to talk about him a little more. He is a talented British photographer who often uses subtle humor and/or irony as a vehicle for exploring the world through photography.

martin usborne 2

In his 2006 series Dead Fox, Usborne rented a taxidermied fox, which he staged in interactions with people and at some of its “old haunts”… such as the laundromat or at an ATM. The combination of the fox’s mischievous-looking face and the situations that Usborne set up for him are really compelling and entertaining.

martin usborne 3

This diptych is from a series he made in Brooklyn from July 2007.

martin usborne 4

Usborne’s sense of humor also shines through in his blog. In one post (about the National Portrait Gallery show) he talks about the seriousness of most photography, and how he prefers to keep it a little lighter.

Click on over to his site to take a look at his work.