As many of you know, I kind of love glam rock. Ok, I really love it. And what I think I love even more is its influence on contemporary music and visual culture. Namely the crazy, over-the-top theatrics, the -admittedly somewhat tacky- brights and metallics, and playing with gender and androgyny. Don’t know what I mean? I will show you.

of montreal 3

of montreal 2These of Montreal photos come from their website.

andrewvanwyngartenThis photo of Andrew VanWyngarten came up in Google Images from someone’s Flikr account.

martin usborneThis one came from photographer Martin Usborne‘s series Boombox 07. This series (and really this club, it seems) is exactly what I am talking about in terms of contemporary glam.

And the whole men’s Victorian dandy trend that’s happening, complete with moustaches? Don’t think that isn’t a touch glam, too.