A musician friend asked me to design a couple of posters for an upcoming jazz Christmas show she is doing. She gave me a bunch of ideas and this is what I came up with. I’m waiting for the final approval, before I can say that they are done.  All of the designs are black and white for easy (and cheap) copying and postering.

For the first one, I ran with the idea of the styling of old-timey Christmas cards. The version she is actually using is slightly different than the more spare version below.

For the next one, I was inspired by this cool old jazz poster. I think that it communicates jazz and Christmas a little more clearly than the last one while being bold and eye-catching (although, as an illustration, I’m kind of attached to the mistletoe above).

And for the last version, I just got kind of silly. I went with the spirit of the tag line Skylar gave me, which is to say, reindeer.

Anyway, it should be a fun show. Skylar has a great voice and I know they have some fun things planned, so if you’re in Chapel Hill, come check it out.