Let me paint a scene for you:

My friends is wearing gold leggings with a yellow tunic and yellow scarf, a painted on nose and mussed up hair (“mane”). I am wearing a ruffled white button down shirt tucked into gray pants which are tucked into calf boots. An orange and red “cumberbund” (read: scarf) is wrapped around my waist and I have a necklace with a waxed turn-of-the-last-century mustache on it. My hair is combed back like a 19th century gent. When someone remarks that she has a nose painted on her face or looks at us both funny, one of us says, “Do you know what we are?” They almost always say no, even though we have a sign that says “CIRCUS SPECIAL” with a picture of a lion on it. So we do a short skit for them:

Her: (snarling noises! arms moving like jaws)

Me: (holding the mustache to my face, lashing an imaginary whip and making whip noises) Back! Back!

Her: (demuring, backs up a little, opening arm-jaws)

Me: (smiling, mustache held to face, places head gingerly inside arm-jaws, takes it back out and stands proud with my hand on my hip.)

Her: (closes arm-jaws)

Now, hopefully at this point, they get it, and if not, one of us will tell them: a lion and a lion tamer!