Well, Big Fish has turned into a book that, despite being interesting and short, I don’t just sit down and read for a long period of time… meaning that it has become overdue and I am still not finished.

I have kept The Circus on my desk, and it has been proving itself a great source of inspiration.  I’ve been reading and drawing from it a lot.

This week I have also revived my love for magnetic poetry. I’m not sure if this truly belongs under “Reading List,” but it is a creative use of words/ language. I have two sets, both of which were given to me just before/ at the beginning of college, that used to live on my fridge all the time. For almost two years after we moved, I only had a handful of phrases up. The other night I decided to put all the words back up and I’ve been playing with them since.  It’s like Dada poetry, but with slightly more premeditation (I try to make things that could pass for real poems) and a much weaker concept. You can play an online version at Magnetic Poetry‘s website. It’s not the same as sitting on the floor in front of your fridge before breakfast or late at night, just trying to find that last “he” to complete your masterpiece, but it’s still kind of fun.