In June I am going to see of Montreal. I was supposed to see them last month, but the concert was rescheduled due to weather. Once I got over the initial heartbreak, I realized that the concert’s postponement meant that I have time to come up with a really great costume. The band is known for putting on crazy and amazing live shows. They tour with a number of performance artists, including Kevin Barnes’ (the band leader, above) wife and brother, so shows always have an aspect of performance art to them. And that leads to members of the audience dressing up.

Right now I’m leaning towards using the black and gold color scheme that  I still love (but have stopped posting about), the antique military aesthetic they often use (which is a throw-back to Sgt. Pepper), and elements of both circus costumes and my “My Life In a Yellow Submarine” notebook. Does it sound like a mess right now? It won’t be. I promise.