A while ago, my grandfather got rid of a slew of old neckties. He didn’t need them anymore, so he asked if I wanted to take some for projects. I took a bunch and put them in my “this could be useful someday” box of supplies. That is right where they stayed, through three moves and a lot of time, because I haven’t known what to do with them. One of my biggest stumbling blocks has been the popularity of necktie craft projects in the DIY scene. The problem was not inherent in their popularity, but how the ties never broke beyond their origins. You always knew just how that fabric started its life, and that was as a tie. After a while it gets kind of tacky. But oh, all that great fabric! All those beautiful colors and patterns wasting their potential as ties in a box in my closet… So now I’m cutting them into sections. At this point, I have only saved the ones with my very favorite fabric and each one is going to become two objects (to be posted on Wednesday as experiments, despite their dubious standing in that category). They are on their way to realizing their true potential. Here are some photos of what was left behind or tucked into my “fabric scraps for mood boards, etc.” bag.