Pictures of drawings and “drawings” to come later on tonight… after I finish some things, charge the battery to my camera and take pictures of said things. In the meantime, I would like to share the fact that I have stumbled upon a treasure trove of interesting blogs tonight. The collection of photos below is just a teaser, since I am going to post my treasure trove on Friday, or maybe Saturday. (I’ll be away for the next week and a half, after that.)

(These pictures are a page from the Humanoid spring/summer 2010 collection, which was linked from one of my new favorite blogs. I recommend looking at all 4 pages, although I particularly love the rack of clothes, above. The palette is just right: classic and feminine… Deco, but with brighter greens. The model’s a little creepy, though.)

Expect an extremely long “Excursions” post when I get back. I’m sure (I hope) I will have a lot to show for it. Megan and I are planning on drawing a LOT.