I mentioned on Monday that my experiment-drawings post this week would be about the reuse of old neckties. My work in that department got a little side tracked (the story of so many things right now: start something, get side tracked, come back to it much later) so I don’t have as many pieces as I had hoped, by now. But, here are a few images of a necklace and a cup jacket that I made. The necklace uses fabric from a tie and the cup jacket uses fabric from a scarf. I stitched the layered materials along the lines of the pattern in the scarf to give the plain mustard yellow side a little oomph. I made it at the request of a friend/coworker after she saw my -much plainer- cup jacket and asked for a mustard colored one. It’s completely reversible, with buttons that allow you to expand it or shrink it to fit two sizes of cups.

(For those of you with an eagle eye, the tension on my machine is a little messed up, hence the funky stitching in a place or two… anyone know of a place in NC that will fix sewing machines that aren’t Singer or Bernina?)