Why that umbrella? Because the first blog I am going to point you to is l’ombrello. I found l’ombrello because of a mention by Khaela Maricich (the blogger, Carl Williamson, is her friend.) If you don’t know/remember why I am interested in her, this post should explain it. L’ombrello is basically a long series of photographs, videos and sound clips selected and reblogged into a really compelling collection. The aesthetic seems to be a combination of cute animals, attractive people (often from vintage photos), art and design… I’m not sure exactly what ties it together (at times, irony is involved) but it works.

After noticing repetition in the sites he reblogs from, I followed some links… in certain cases, l’ombrello had picked out photos that were gems buried under a bunch of porn, but in others, like Weird Friends, the whole blog was a gem. Despite the fact that Weird Friends fits its name really well most of the time, the blogger clearly has an interest in textiles. I love the way Rachel described it the most, though: “It somehow seems like the least “hipster” blog that could exist, but very easily could be in different hands…it’s an excellent mix of Native American and bulldog inspired images none the less.”

After Weird Friends, I ended up at Neue~Weft. Art, textiles (as the name would suggest) and pattern. Lots of color. Neue~Weft then led me to the one that might be my favorite: 2 or 3 Things I Know. I think part of why I like 2 or 3 Things I Know (about design, architecture and craft) so much is because it has the writing component that the rest of these lack. It explains a little bit about why the blogger selected the images and what makes them special.  I especially like the post from February 28 on the theme of painter’s white. It’s very beautiful.

It also seems like all of these bloggers update frequently, which should help to ease my anticipation for 3191‘s once-weekly posts.

Enjoy. (See you in two weeks!)

(umbrella photo from here: http://img4.realsimple.com/images/beauty-fashion/shoes-accessories/0504/Blue-Umbrella_300.jpg)