It is hard to find vegetarian food in Spain. At least where we were. Many, many things have either ham or tuna in them. Because Megan is a vegetarian and I don’t eat much meat, we ended up relying on many a bocadilla de queso (cheese sandwiches) or tortilla espanola. Eventually we found a market and bought some ingredients for some super bocadillos sin queso (not-cheese sandwiches), accompanied by dates and olives.

In spite of entering the danger-zone on the manchego-meter (a doodle I did about how much cheese we had eaten), for the past few days I’ve been thinking about making one of these…


1 skinny, fresh baguette
manchego cheese, sliced

Cut baguette into a few sandwich-length sections. Cut each of these in half, lengthwise. Arrange a few slices of cheese in each one. Eat.