I love how I did all the Spain posts in one week so that I could get on to all the stuff I’ve been working on since then, and then take all kinds of extra days to get on to it. That said, on to the birds.

I went to the local art museum and looked at their collections. One piece that struck me was a big clay jug with a line drawing of a bird on it. (I assume the bird was a quail, based on the thing on its head.) I sketched it and later came home. As you will see tomorrow, I was really inspired by the folk art quality of the drawing.

Also, about a week ago, Design*Sponge posted an AMAZING resource that I am so glad to know about: the New York Public Library’s digital gallery. Basically, they have a million high quality images and I can look at them any time. Which means I’ve been looking at a lot of textile designs and nature/ science illustrations. (Hmm… it seems that the file format isn’t one I can post here…)