For the purpose of this post, a dress is going to be a decorative art, although I know that “Fashion” or “Sewing” or something would be more apt.

This is the result of my dress making efforts after the phase of the paper bodice from yesterday’s post. It is not perfect, but considering that it has pockets, is patterned so as not to show little splashes of stuff from working at the cafe, is safe to bend/ crouch in, will be cool, and is wash- and dry-able, I am happy with it. I can’t wait to give it a true functionality test at work tomorrow.

Also, I finished it with French seams, so that there is not one raw edge.

Next I am going to try to improvise this, using less fabric than the pattern requires and my own pattern, based on that one. (And, honestly, I’m a little confused about how different it looks in the drawing from on the model… I’m going to try to make mine like the one in the drawing, using straighter lines and pointier corners.)