At long, wonderful, last – I can post this in its completion! Sorry it’s taken me so long – at some point I just decided to wait until the shirts were printed rather than post the black and white design.

I finished the design a few weeks ago, after some pretty heavy revisions from its previous state. (Why did I think I could make it that feminine? I’m not sure.) Since then it has been printed, and here is the design in all of its espresso-colored shirt-ness.

There are a few minor corrections I will make if there is a second print run, but overall, I am really pleased with it. I think that the hatching translated well. Although I was pushing for a warm-toned light gray, I’m sure the brown will be infinitely more practical when it inevitably encounters coffee grounds. The back of the shirt has the cafe’s real logo, also printed in white.

ps. If you want one, they should be at the cafe soon. Or contact the owners, via email (scroll down in the link).