Hey friends,

Wow – has it really been so long? Yikes!

In a few days I will post something I am very excited about… a little something I made for Despina for Make Per Month. I don’t want to spoil it -just in case she sees this- but I’m in love with it. Hopefully in a few days she (and you) will be too.

For now, here are some pictures of a pente set I made for last week’s craft fair.

The idea behind cloth travel games like this started for me when I was studying abroad and wanted to play backgammon… I had access to a sewing machine but not a set, so I made one. I loved how lightweight and portable it was – I could just roll up the game and throw it into my bag to be unpacked at any cafe or picnic for instant fun. Keep your eyes peeled for more pente and some of those backgammon games coming on down the line.