Have I professed my love for Art:21 yet? Because it’s wonderful.

Since my wrists have been so sensitive lately, I’ve been sitting around a lot. Truly, we use our wrists for everything. (Typing right now is probably a mark against their recovery.) The days have been gorgeous and sunny, but 100 degrees of Southern summer is just too hot to go out and take in the scenery. Still, I don’t like to spend my days idly, so I’ve done a lot of reading. Which is great… The thing is, 90% of that reading hasn’t been about art, leaving me kind of listless and detached from art.

The remedy? I’ve added more art reading and watching Art:21 to my activities list. I’d watched a few episodes a while back, and remembered how great it was when it popped up on Netflix streaming. Initially my plan was to spend like 5 hours a day watching and learning more about contemporary art. (I often work odd hours, leaving me with big stretches of daytime to fill.) Then I watched an episode. When it was finished I needed more time to think about the artists and absorb things. So my progress has been slower than expected, but I feel so much more satisfied than I might if it was easy to blaze through.

(above image of Kiki Smith from Art:21)