I want to be a minimalist. Not an ascetic living in a gallery where you can’t touch anything – my home should be a comfortable space to live in. But, after living in the same place for a while, things begin to accumulate.  A true minimalist recently mentioned to me “the sort of people who have a stack of National Geographics from the last 20 years sitting in their houses.” (It can be inferred that these have simply become clutter.)

My mind flashed on the stack from the last 5 years that has been steadily growing on my book shelf. I realized that if I didn’t do something, I could become one of those people.


Because I often use the photographs as reference – especially of animals – I don’t want to part with the magazines entirely. As a compromise, I am culling through them and cutting out pictures to use as reference and inspiration. When I’ve finished going through them all, I’ll be able to assemble a binder full of images.

My plan for the rest of the magazines (some are pretty ravaged while others are largely intact) is to either, A) leave them by the curb for some lucky neighbor, or B) find an art class at a local school that wants them for collages and things, or C) give them to someone else who wants them. Any local takers?