Eating India: An Odyssey into the Food and Culture of the Land of Spices, Chitrita Banerji (Great historical/ cultural information, but the writing style is not for me. It’s driving me crazy.)

The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy (This one really touched me. It has elements of surrealism, is heartbreakingly beautiful and at times achingly funny. I love how she squishes words together to give them more/ new meaning. Like thunderdarkness. Or capitalizes phrases for emphasis. Like, “She used her windows for specific purposes. For a Breath of Fresh Air. To Pay for the Milk. To Let Out a Trapped Wasp.”)

Cuisines of India: the Art and Tradition of Regional Indian Cooking, Smita Chandra (Although I haven’t tried any recipes yet, they look scrumptious. Sandwiched in between them there are tons of anecdotal and historical notes on the context of dishes and dining in India.)