Heck yes! I am not (exactly) one of those people with many years of National Geographic magazines moldering away on my shelf, like I had worried about in this post.

Instead, I have a handful of intact magazines left and this *gem* of an inspiration binder:

I cut through a huge stack of issues and picked out my favorite photographs. Holy cow, there were a lot of them. Somewhere in the range of 300-500, actually. I noted the issue and subject on each one and put them into sections including “environment,” “land mammals,” “sea creatures,” “prehistoric,” “humans being small in the face of nature,” and people, organized by continent. When I finished sorting the themed categories, I took away the section headers. They were only sticky notes anyway. I still want to do a little rearranging, but I’m really happy with this project.

There’s also a weird little section in the back that I might move to another binder… it’s photos from other magazines. Mostly moody fashion shoots, pretty design shots and the like.