I got this jacket recently:

It seemed like a good solution to the not-cold-enough-for-a-heavy-winter-jacket-but-colder-than-a-sweater-weather that we have in spring and fall here. And look at that brilliant blue! In the bright sun, it will make your eyes jiggle. The color is so rich that it seems to defy the material. At the same time, only wool (or maybe silk) could hold it.

But how about those boring buttons?

They were just begging to be replaced.

I’m also planning to add some elbow pads, for style. I had already decided to do this when I received my copy of 3191Q, in which Stephanie Congdon Barnes discusses her love of elbow patches. For personality, for utility, to extend the life of a favorite sweater… She even included a pattern, which I’m going to use.

I’ll post a picture of the jacket complete with buttons and patches once the patches are in place.