At last, Dear Patron of the Arts, FLORA / FAUNA is on Etsy!

Now this work is officially for sale in a way that is secure and easy for both of us. As you decide which piece will look the loveliest on your wall, there are a few things you will probably want to know about buying it:

1. Unless otherwise specified, work will be available for pickup on January 1, 2011 OR will be packaged and put in the mail on Monday, January 3. That means that if you celebrate Christmas and do not ask me to get it to you before then, it will not grace the space beneath your tree.

2. If you would like your new F/F piece shipped, you will need to select shipping as an item in my Etsy shop. I’ve set it up this way to allow locals to pick work up at Caffe Driade, thereby avoiding unecessary shipping and its associated costs. When you add “Shipping  for FLORA / FAUNA” to your cart, you are paying for the packing materials and shipping costs to get that work of art safe and sound to your doorstep.

3. All works are sold matted and framed behind glass, as they are displayed.

If there is anything else you would like to know, regarding buying work from me, please email me at ameliopolis (at) or send me a conversation (message) through Etsy.


ps. Friends and observers, I would appreciate feedback about the work. I have heard a little bit from being at the cafe, but I am really interested to know which things you think are working and which are not. What do you like best? Least? Why? Specifics are great, and please be respectful with negative feedback. (ie. “Drawings of leaves don’t appeal to me” is very different from “you’re boring.”) Thanks so much!