The holiday craft fair at the Nightlight went pretty well. It was not well attended (maybe because of the snow?), but I sold a few things. It’s really hard for me to interact with people when it’s clear to everybody that I’d like them to buy my work.  In that way, it was good practice, even if today there weren’t that many people to practice with.

I set up my table beneath one of the skylights on a sofa whose color complimented my collection. I wanted a spot that wasn’t the very first or very last that people would see. The skylight gave me a lot of great natural light. I ended up using the lamps I’d brought as elevation on the back of the table. Helpful.

I also got to make a trade (!) with Jody from Flytrap Studios. She liked my Beehive Ladies and I liked her dresses (and scarves) so we traded Thelma (the blue one) for a dress (the green version) that I’m wearing right now.

A few people dropped by and hung out with me for a little while. My friend/coworker Andrea and I played a few games of pente while she was there.

Matt made those nice signs for me. Two days ago he brought it to my attention that I should have/ would want them.

These wallets are my newest work. I made one using the safari fabric (Zanzibar, by Alexander Henry) for myself and people liked it, so I made more.

All of the wallets have coin pockets that close with Velcro, on the reverse side. On the safari ones, it’s the same fabric, and on the beachside striped ones it matches the turquoise pocket inside.

In a few days there will be wallets, backgammon and pente sets up on my Etsy.