28 birds by the end of the month, I hope. Because -you know?- I really just like to draw animals. This is my “fun” a-day. It’s the 12th and I’ve 6 finished birds. I also have two partially complete ones. Clearly, I’ve missed the “a day” part, but like I said before, I do something creative every day, even if it isn’t drawing birds. (Which is both the point and completely beside the point.)

I spent this morning gathering scrap wood at the hardware store, having it cut down, sanding it, priming it twice and sanding down the surface again… so I’m ready to make 11 more. That will bring me to 21, with the other two boards I haven’t touched yet.  It’s going to be a race to finish them all before I leave town on the 25th. Will this be Double-the-Fun-a-Day? Only time will tell.