I have been known to take things home from the beach.

A piece of driftwood here, some dried seaweed there… Then before I know it, too many rocks and too many shells start to add up. I have stacks of beach stones in piles around my house and in bowls. There is a shell on top of my loom, of all places. I don’t live near the ocean anymore. These things have come with me time and time again because I like them. But this time I decided enough would be enough. (Additionally, I’m pretty sure taking coral home from the islands is frowned upon.)

Instead, I took mornings as drawing time. If I drew the plants and coral, I reasoned, there would be no need to bring them home. So while I was eating my breakfast and drinking my coffee, I’d sit at the outdoor table and draw. Everyone could wake up slowly and I could stem the urge to bring my collections home.