Periodicals because they are published periodically, but are so much more than magazines.

Selvedge is a perennial favorite. I’d decided not to renew my subscription a while back because of how much later I received it than I thought I should. (It’s published in the UK, so by the time I was getting my issue, the next one was already out.) But when I got a small stack of them in the mail two weeks ago – third hand from my mom and her friend – I was 1. grateful, 2. inspired, and 3. feeling kind of petty/ silly for not renewing.

(When I saw this image I also felt some hometown pride.)

Next is 3191Q. I know I’m always gushing about how much I love these ladies’ work, but really. Just when I was gearing up to add elbow patches to my coat (below), Stephanie (Congdon Barnes) included her stencil and tips in the Autumn issue.  Oatmeal cookies after Maria (Vettese)’s  recipe created wide eyes and wide smiles everywhere they went. (I should have followed my instincts and made a double batch right off the bat.) So now that the winter issue has arrived I’m pretty excited about it.

You already know how I feel about National Geographic. The article about domesticated foxes this month (!!) means that it’s only a matter of time before I get to snuggle with a fox.

Next, a friend gave me an issue of Science News that I haven’t read yet. But I’m looking forward to it, just the same.

Lastly, I’m considering subscribing to American Short Fiction. I found out that one of the authors I liked in the O. Henry Prize 2008 collection will be included in their spring edition and that the subscription fee isn’t all that much. And if short stories just dropped themselves into my mailbox, I’d be really happy.